Art exhibition raises £1230

Posted On October 2, 2022 at 5:55 pm by / Comments Off on Art exhibition raises £1230

Thank you to everyone who visited the art exhibition at St Andrew’s Church this weekend.

We are absolutely thrilled to have sold over 30 paintings and raised £1230! The proceeds will be divided with 50% going to the hub, 20% to our host St Andrew’s Church, and 30% to the artist.

We are incredibly grateful to the local artist – Gerard M O’Keeffe – for getting in touch and suggesting the idea of an exhibition. As well as making a brilliant contribution to our fundraising efforts, Gerard has also been very generous with his time this weekend by welcoming guests to the exhibition and chatting with them about his work. Visitors have commented on how the colours and patterns in Gerard’s work are very uplifting, which was lovely to hear.

A row of 4 pictures with a yellow & green colour theme, on a brown, wooden pew.
A row of 6 pictures, with a blue colour theme under the church window.

If you have a fundraising idea, why not email us at and tell us about it? We are working towards a target of £50,000 to get the new community café up and running. All fundraising ideas and support are welcome! You can also make a donation via our JustGiving page.