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Blooming beautiful fundraising

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About 30 pink cherry blossoms that have been drawn and coloured in by the Cherry Kids Club
A selection of the beautiful blossoms drawn by children at Cherry Kids Club

Last month we asked Cherry Kids Club if they could help us create a piece of artwork that we could use as a fundraising tracker to share progress with the community. We were delighted to see the artwork go up in window at Cherry Hinton Library today.

Cherry Hinton Hub will be an important new addition to our community, so the children thought about other things in Cherry Hinton that are important to them – including the four primary schools and duck pond at Cherry Hinton Hall. These have been painted on perspex panels, so when the time comes to start the build we can take the artwork down and keep it!

in the library window, Marianne sticks up a perspex panel of the village sign while Trudy sticks up the cherry tree trunk.
Panel one of the village sign and schools
In the library window, Marianne sticks up a perspex panel of the duck pond. Trudy is attaching blue tack to a painting of a tree branch
Panel two of the duck pond

Framing the panels is the cherry tree and every time we add a blossom to the tree you will know that we’ve raised another £500 towards our target. We are raising £50,000 in total which will go towards our new community café called The Cherry Branch.

The back of marianne as she attaches a blossom to the cherry tree painting.
The first blossoms go on
A painting of a tree trunk, brown with white swirls on it. Four pink blossoms are attached.
We need to add lots more blossom to the tree!

We think the artwork is beautiful and we want to thank Trudy, Marianne and all the children at Cherry Kids Club for all their hard work. We’d also like to thank Engineering and Design Plastics Ltd for the perspex sheets. Thank you also to Smita, Kathleen and the library team for your continuous support!

And finally, thank you to everyone who has donated already so that we were able to add four blossoms today. If you haven’t donated yet and if you are able to please visit our JustGiving page.

Four women stand outside the library. The artwork is in the window behind them. Each person holds a couple of pictures of cherry blossoms.
From left to right: Trudy (Cherry Kids Club), Mo (Cherry Hinton Hub), Marianne (Cherry Kids Club), Kathleen (Cherry Hinton Library)