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Cherry Hinton Wants a Cafe!

The Pop-Up cafe

The pop-up café which until recently opened for the last Sunday morning in the month was very popular and demonstrated the need for a full time café in this central position in the village.
The new cafe will be 30 square metres and will be able to serve simple cooked meals and drinks (no alcohol).
There will be also a pleasant outside area for the cafe with small trees and shrubs.

The Hub will be run by Cherry Hinton Residents

It is not a Council project although City and County Councils are very much involved. The project was initiated by residents and will be administered by residents.

It’s a Charity

The hub will be managed by the Cherry Hinton Community Benefit Society. This is a co-operative with charity status. Members and trustees are unpaid volunteers.

We need your help!

Most of the finance is in place but Cherry Hinton is required to raise £50.000 towards the cost. Will you donate to this project?

The new meeting rooms will be a great asset for the centre of the village.

Art workshop in the library

Cherry Hinton is a lively place with many clubs and societies competing for space where they can meet.
The pressure on the existing hub at the end of the library demonstrates the need for much more space ideally in the centre of the village.

The 32 m2 Room

This will be the new HQ for the RBL but will be available for hire at reasonable cost for local groups and community events such as craft and art groups, 52 Stories (childrens readings), Scouts and Guides, and many activities.

18 m2 Meeting Room

This is also available for hire and will be ideal for small groups and committee meetings for up to 12 people.

The One-to-One Meeting Room

A small room where people can talk over a table privately.

The Royal British Legion needs new Headquarters

Our Cherry Hinton RBL is homeless since they lost their site in Fishers Lane. The large meeting room in the new hub will be ideal and it is hoped that the RBL will be able to contribute money from the sale of the old site and create an new HQ. The room will of course be available for hire to other groups and events.

The old Fishers Lane hall is no more

Latest News

Planning approval has been granted and the construction of the project will go out to tender. What we need now is your contribution to the £50k!