One chapter ends and another begins

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Today, the doors closed on Cherry Hinton Library’s current building for the last time, ready for development work to begin in May.

The doors of the new Cherry Hinton Hub, incorporating a refurbished library with improved facilities, will open in 2024.

It was lovely to see people visiting the library this morning. Some were there to return books, but some came just to say goodbye; including Kira who used to work for the library service.

Kira chats to the hub team about her memories of the library

Kira grew up in Cherry Hinton and visited the library on the day it opened in 1963. She went to school at Colville Primary and would dawdle her way home via the children’s library. Her mum would always know where to find her!

Kira worked for the library service, which included helping out at Cherry Hinton Library. She’s been involved with Cherry Hinton Library on and off since 1997.

The library hasn’t changed much since in 60 years, but Cherry Hinton has. With her first pay cheque, Kira remembers buying a skirt from a dress shop on the High Street!

Kira thinks the library train arrived at some point in the mid-90s and it quickly became a well-used and well-loved part of the library.

People were keen to know what would happen to the train as it held special memories for them. We are delighted that the train will now live at Bewick Bridge Primary School. Headteacher Amy Luu, with some helpers, collected the train today to take it to its new home.

Amy (on the right) and helpers collect the train for Bewick Bridge Primary School

It was lovely to reminisce with Kira today and to see the train head off to its new home. If you’d like to share your memories of the library we’d love to hear them. Get in touch:

Leaving Cherry Hinton Library for the last time